Level II → Head and Neck Imaging

ECR 2014: Head and Neck Imaging: How to perform and read a head and neck study-part 1 (free/no CME) (F-260A)

Video-based course (recorded 2014)

"Cranial nerve examination made easy"
Speaker: Jan Casselman (Bruges, Belgium)
Learning objectives:
• to learn how to perform an examination and evaluation of cranial nerves.
• to become familiar with some technical issues in obtaining good quality images.
• to learn some basic information regarding cranial nerves anatomy.

"MRI of the lower neck - feasible?"
Speaker: Simonetta Gerevini (Cremona, Italy)
Learning objectives:
• to learn how to overcome difficulties in performing a lower neck study.
• to understand how to avoid the most common pitfalls.
• to become familiar with differential diagnosis.
  • Cranial nerve examination made easy
  • Video
  • Literature
  • Test
  • MRI of the lower neck - feasible?
  • Video
  • Literature
  • Test
  • Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed